Presentations & Materials


Please find below presentations, videos and other materials from SGCC’s 2016 Members Meeting & Interactive Workshop held on September 21 – 22, 2016. Materials are organized according to the agenda for Day 1 and Day 2.

Day 1

SGCC Year-In-Review:

1 Research Key Takeaways
An overview of SGCC’s Research Committee by chair Gomathi Sadhasivan and Research Coordinator Bridget Meckley who presented the top consumer trends from 2015-2016 research and how they related to the moving forward. Download the slides here.
2 Education & Outreach Key Takeaways
An overview of SGCC’s Education and Outreach Committee by chair Bernard Lecours who presented the top takeaways accomplished by the committee this past year and trends on what’s to come. View the slides here & watch the video.

Keynote One:

3 Anne Pramaggiore
Anne Pramaggiore, President and CEO of ComEd addressed attendees and shared what ComEd has planned for consumers in the future. View her presentation slides & watch the video.

The Snake Pit – What’s Better for Consumers:

4 Residential Demand Rate vs. Volumetric Flat Rate vs. Time Varying Rates
Liz Coyle, Executive Director at Georgia Watch, Mark Brown, Senior Customer Programs Officer at Fayetteville Public Works Commission, Sanem Sergici, Principal at The Brattle Group, and Stefanie Layton, Director of Revenue Requirements at Arizona Public Service Company, brought their unique points of view about the best way to approach issues related to changing how customers pay for electricity. Stefanie, arguing on behalf of residential demand rate survived the Snakes and emerged from the Pit crowned SGCC Snake Pit winner. Download the presentations here.

Smart Energy Hub Tour:

5 ComEd Chicago Training Center
ComEd brought concepts of energy to life for attendees by facilitating atour of the Smart Energy Hub at the ComEd Chicago Training Center. Watch the video here.

Day 2

Keynote Two:

1 Mike McMahan
Mike McMahan, Vice President of AMI Implementation for ComEd, discussed opportunities and challenges related to grid modernization and consumer expectations. He shared ComEd’s perspective on emerging trends and threats utilities face today and in the future. Download his presentation here.

ComEd’s Million Thermostat Program:

2 Val Jensen & Hannah Bascom
Attendees heard from Val Jensen, Senior Vice President, Customer Operations at ComEd, and Hannah Bascom, Business Development Director at NEST, about using smart thermostats to transform customer perception of the utility EE programs and to set the foundation for a new generation of services. View the slides, watch the first video & watch the second video.

Establishing a Game Plan:

3 Exploring SGCC’s Strategy
SGCC President & CEO led a panel where she and Board members discussed where is SGCC going in the future and how are we keeping up with todays ever-changing consumer. View the slides.

Customer Engagement Success Across the Nation:

4 Case Studies Panel
Attendees heard from Justin Chamberlain, Product Manager in Demand Response at CPS Energy, Jason Cigarran, Vice President of Corporate Marketing & Communications at Comverge, Julee Cunningham, Director of Communications & Marketing at Snohomish County PUD, Sonia Kreimer, Customer Communication Lead at Pepco Holdings, and David Drew, Director of Business Development at WeatherBug Home, on key elements that contributed to successful customer programs. View the slides.

Playing Catch-Up:

5 Changing Today’s Grid for the Consumer of Tomorrow
David Grant, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Tendril, Kurt Sweetser, Vice President of Alliance Partnerships and Customer Relations at Smart Utility Systems, Leesa Lee, Vice President of Marketing at Bidgely, Michel Losier, Director of Stakeholder Engagement at New Brunswick Power Corporation, and Caitlin Hewitt, Product Marketing Manager at Oracle/Opower, took a look at today’s energy consumer and the impact of new technologies, mainstream sales channels, and partnership opportunities. View the slides.


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