2017 CLEAR Award Winner Spotlight: Whisker Labs

On Monday, Jan. 30 at the 2017 Consumer Symposium, SGCC announced the three winners of its 2017 CLEAR Awards, which recognize one technology vendor, utility and nonprofit organization for their dedication to consumer engagement and education around smart energy. Throughout February and March, SGCC will feature online profiles on each winner.

About Whisker Labs:

Whisker Labs, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Earth Networks, delivers next generation home energy intelligence technology to realize the full potential of the connected home. Whisker Labs’ sensing and software platform optimizes connected devices and brings non-connected devices online for home efficiency, fault detection and peace of mind. Their platform is used by market leaders for enhanced energy efficiency and intelligent demand response.

About Whisker Labs’ Connected Savings Platform:

SGCC selected Whisker Labs as its 2017 CLEAR Award technology vendor winner for its focus on delivering quantifiable results for consumers in both demand response and energy efficiency programs.

Whisker Labs’ Connected Savings platform is the first to integrate big weather data, connected thermostats and utility meter data – a fundamentally different smart home approach that provides consumers with unmatched value from automation and analytics that minimize the impact of weather on their energy usage.

Connected Savings leverages proprietary data from the world’s largest network of weather and atmospheric sensors and harnesses a unique trove of hyper-local and real-time data. This allows Whisker Labs to turn a connected home into a truly smart home by integrating data from its weather network with the most robust IoT-centric ecosystem of smart home partners in the industry, helping consumers enjoy more return on their investment.

The benefits of this integrated ecosystem is evident in the Connected Savings platform. Customers save three times more energy and money from weather optimization (relative to a connected thermostat without Connected Savings optimization) since the service determines and automatically heats or cools the home given the weather that day and how that specific home responds to the weather.

Whisker Labs’ energy efficiency can save up to $125/year for the homeowner and keep homeowners more comfortable because the desired thermostat temperature is more accurately and precisely reached. This is in addition to savings from peak demand optimization or DR days when the grid is stressed.

The Connected Savings platform delivers significant energy savings and comfort by educating and engaging the consumer on their energy usage by communicating personalized thermostat and whole home energy insights.

Whisker Labs develops a customized thermodynamic model of each consumer’s home to provide detailed information via a monthly personalized Energy ScoreCard to inform and engage the consumer. The company challenges consumers to engage by comparing energy usage to their neighbors and offers helpful tips on how to lower their usage with home improvements or behavioral changes to save more money.

Customers have responded very favorably to the ScoreCard. Whisker Labs has seen open rates of 66 percent – even after the customers receive this report month after month. In addition, nearly 90 percent of customers state that it is easy to understand and pleasing, and two-thirds say they are more mindful of their energy usage.

Finally, Whisker Labs takes energy education a step further to help the consumer understand how their energy dollar was spent by showing disaggregation of their energy use for the month and providing personalized thermostat schedule analysis.

For more information about this CLEAR Award winner, visit www.whiskerlabs.com and connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.