6/6 SGCC President’s Blog: Tracking the Evolution of Consumer Perspectives on the Smart Grid

SGCC’s President & CEO Patty Durand shares smart grid industry insights on her blog, Smart Consumer Connections. Read below for a snippet of the newest posting (6/6), Tracking the Evolution of Consumer Perspectives on the Smart Grid:

Since 2011, the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) has been investigating consumer perspectives on the smart grid, smart meters and related technologies. At the cornerstone of this investigation has been SGCC’s flagship, longitudinal “Consumer Pulse and Market Segmentation” surveying. Recently, SGCC published the sixth wave of the “Consumer Pulse” surveying, the first since 2015. Reaching nearly 1,700 consumers across the U.S. via online surveys, “Consumer Pulse – Wave 6” revealed several interesting findings on the state of energy consumers today.

Going to back to the first wave of “Consumer Pulse” surveying conducted in 2011, consumer awareness of the smart grid and smart meters was very limited. That survey found that roughly half of consumers (51 percent) had never heard the term “smart grid”, and another quarter (24 percent) had heard the term but didn’t know much about it. Awareness levels for the term “smart meters” were similar, but marginally lower.

A lot has changed since then…

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