Research Release: SGCC’s 2016 State of the Consumer Report

— Spurred on by significant investments power providers have made in grid modernization efforts, consumers are reaping the economic, environmental, and reliability benefits of a smarter electrical grid. Presented as an integrated analysis of what SGCC knows about smart grid […] Read More

Research Release: SGCC’s 2015 Consumer Voices

— SGCC has released Consumer Voices, a new study that brings to life the thoughts, actions and values that are driving consumer’s adoption of smart grid technologies. Consumer Voices provides a unique look at the factors that underpin consumers’ conscious […] Read More

Industry Resource: Fort Collins Utilities Case Study

— When Fort Collins Utilities received a Smart Grid Investment Grant in 2009, they were able to kick-start their Advanced Metering project and lay the groundwork for their Peak Partners Demand Response Program. Peak Partners has become the foundation for […] Read More

Industry Resource: Distributed Generation & Net Metering Fact Sheet

— Today, SGCC released a new tool designed to educate consumers about the benefits of next-generation smart grid technologies. Providing answers to many common questions, SGCC’s new fact sheet An Electrifying Investment: What Distributed Generation and Net Metering Mean for […] Read More