“CLEAR” Award Winners: CenterPoint Energy, Silver Spring Networks & Public Citizen

SGCC is proud to recognize three programs who serve as role models by educating consumers, making Smart Grid “CLEAR” to consumers. These programs were role models in the development and implementation of a consumer education programs. “Educating consumers is the key to successful implementation of smart grid,” said SGCC Executive Director Patty Durand. “SGCC members are doing excellent work, as are non-SGCC members; we want to recognize them for what they have accomplished.”


energyInSight_cnp_logo2 Energy InSight, CenterPoint Energy
“Consumers are at the heart of CenterPoint Energy’s smart grid program, and we are proud to deliver new technology to empower Houstonians to take control of their energy use. Our comprehensive consumer education program has raised awareness, created understanding, built support and fostered engagement of, for, and with smart energy technology.” Floyd LeBlanc, VP Corporate Communications & Public Affairs.

Technology Business:

SSNlogo Power Over Energy, Silver Spring Networks
“Silver Spring Networks is honored to receive the CLEAR Award for our Power Over Energy social media energy literacy campaign,” said Lisa Magnuson, Senior Director of Consumer Education, Silver Spring Networks. “Social media has proven to be an extremely powerful and cost-effective channel to reach and engage consumers in the conversation about our energy challenges, energy efficiency, innovative solutions and the smart grid. The campaign is resonating with consumers around the world who are motivated by the message that we can do better.”

Nonprofit Organization:

PC hi res logo Advanced Meters – Control Where Your Money is Going, Public Citizen
“Education of the customer has been our focus, learning what a kilowatt is and how it affects the customers comfort and their bill has been a challenge (we work a lot in the low income community). Getting the to understand that they now have the equivalent of a gas gauge on their house helps them understand their energy use and earn that they can control it to some extent. Education of the ratepayer has been the key, the more they understand the new tools and bills the better the control they have over their energy consumption. And they can make informed decisions on what they can do to their home and see immediately the results for the ultimate payback and reduction in their monthly bill, putting more money back in their pocket.” David Power, Deputy Director Texas Office.

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