To facilitate consumer understanding and support of smart grid, SECC created a package of consumer-facing fact sheets and videos to address consumer concerns with hot topics in smart grid. The Consumer Information Kit for the Smart Grid addresses important consumer topics including consumer benefits, data privacy, debunking myths, outage restoration, power quality, pricing plans, and health concerns. In each fact sheet, you'll find easy-to-understand explanations of smart grid topics conveyed through informative graphics and credible resources.

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View each individual topic and download the accompanying fact sheet:

consumerbenefitssmall11-12 Consumer Benefits
Shows how consumer benefits emerge with a new investment in our nation's energy infrastructure called smart grid, a modernized grid to match current technology.
dataprivacysmall11-12-15 Data Privacy and Smart Meters
Explores how the process of smart meter data collection works and the protections in each step of the process for consumer privacy.
DGFS-smallicon Distributed Generation & Net Metering
Discusses distributed generation and net metering by addressing common misconceptions that consumers have about being independent of their utility.
mythshow11-12small Myths vs. Facts: The Truth about Smart Meters
Discusses the most commonly circulated smart meter myths including responses, each supported by research, that offer the facts — the real deal on smart meters.
outageshow11-12small Outage Restoration
Looks into how the smart grid keeps your power on and gets it restored quickly when it goes out as a smart grid enables the reliability we have come to expect for the future.
powerquality11-12small Power Quality
A look into what exactly power quality is and what is important for consumers to know showing that more reliable and efficient power supply allows appliances to operate at their highest efficiencies.
pricingshow11-12small Pricing
Reviews new pricing plans enabled by the smart grid and smart meters and how they can help consumers become smart power consumers who save money and help improve the environment.
rfshow11-12small Radio Frequency and Smart Meters
Addresses the health concerns voiced by consumers, using research prepared by credible sources such as the California Council on Science and Technology, EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute), and others.
Smart Cities
Explores why consumers should care about smart cities, why grid modernization is a critical component and examples from around the country while ultimately showing that we’re all in this together.
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