It is the job of energy industry stakeholders to help consumers understand the smart grid, the resulting benefits and why they should matter to them — whether the benefits are lower costs, reduced environmental impacts or increased reliability.

SECC’s communications toolkit, “Effective Communication with Consumers on the Smart Grid Value Proposition”, is a research-based resource designed to help utilities and their partners effectively convey these smart grid benefits to consumers.

The communications toolkit was compiled with a combination of industry insight, previous SECC research, public relations expertise and finally, an online survey conducted in 2016 of U.S. adults who regularly make decisions on household electricity usage and payments.

The toolkit provides utilities and their partners with actionable takeaways and a cache of ready-to-use communications tools, including short- and long-form messaging, banner images and an infographic. Industry stakeholders can either pull directly from the toolkit’s messaging house or use the research-based takeaways to inform their communications efforts.

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The full toolkit is available for download at no cost for both SECC’s members and the energy industry at large by filling out the short form below. We are committed to protecting your privacy and will not share your information.