Excellence in Consumer Engagement study release

A few things the SGCC learned in its most recent study is that to effectively change their customer experience, utilities need to integrate their Smart Grid programs into their business-as-usual operations and engage customer on this topic across all customer touch points. In doing this, utilities will stretch from being organizations focused primarily on reliability to ones that also focus on customer service, education and voluntary enrollment. To facilitate customer engagement, the customer experience must be as easy as possible such that there are few, if any, barriers to engagement and action.

In addition, the industry has collectively learned how best to engage customers during AMI deployments, and utilities should leverage this understanding going forward to ensure their deployments are successful.

Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative’s 2011 Excellence in Consumer Engagement study, a detailed 39-page report that synthesizes results of an in-depth analysis of the consumer engagement practices related to AMI, energy efficiency, direct demand response and smart grid related programs in general, is set to be released on Consumer Engagement Day on the Excellence of Consumer Engagement panel of the Smart Energy International 2011 Conference in San Francisco, CA.

The Excellence in Consumer Engagement study examined 21 established national programs, paying particular attention to messages — both overt and underlying — used to drive awareness, interest and a call to action, as well as messages that drive understanding of why a modern electrical grid is important to consumers.

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