energyInSight_cnp_logo2 Energy InSightsm, CenterPoint Energy
Energy InSight is CenterPoint Energy's set of smart energy technologies designed to empower consumers with insight into their energy use. A comprehensive consumer education program has raised awareness, created understanding, built support and fostered engagement of, for, and with smart energy technology. A multitude of communication tactics have been carefully tailored to address various, even competing, audience segments, from mass media advertising, to community events and presentations, online chats, newsletters, brochures, videos, how-to demos, FAQs, web tools, energy-saving tips, and over 2,000 employees trained as Energy InSight ambassadors in their community. Campaigns such as the In-Home Display pilot and Biggest Energy Saver contest have created consumer evangelists, and 75% of surveyed consumers hold a favorable view of CenterPoint Energy's program.
SSNlogo Power Over Energy, Silver Spring Networks
Power Over Energy is a social media energy literacy campaign created by a coalition of business, government and environmental non-profit groups to increase awareness about our global energy challenges and to help consumers understand how to make smarter decisions when it comes to their electricity consumption. Consumer understanding about the impact of our current energy consumption is extremely low. We believe that the more people understand, the more they will want to improve their efficiency, increase reliance on renewable energy, and support the modernization of our aging infrastructure. The focal point of the campaign is the Power Over Energy Facebook presence, which includes a provocative ad campaign as well as daily posts and commentary about energy news, and efficiency tips. We are also engaging people in the conversation through Twitter and we have launched a series of 10 videos on YouTube. The Power Over Energy website invites visitors to explore engaging facts and take interactive quizzes about electricity generation, consumption, transmission, impact, and efficiency. In the first year, the campaign has reached 55.4 million consumers across social channels, generated 120,000 Facebook Likes, 152,000 YouTube views, and nurtured a Facebook Engagement Rate of 7.17% (from Oct.-Dec 2013), far exceeding the average comparable Facebook Engagement Rate of 0.50%.
PC hi res logo Advanced Meters – Control Where Your Money is Going, Public Citizen
More than 97 percent of Texas’s competitive electricity market is using the new Advanced Meter Network, a communication technology that both encourages conservation and allows consumers to participate in the state’s electrical industry for the first time. Under the system, consumers can participate in programs to sell their un-used power back to the market during periods when electricity prices are high. Or, they can get paid by their provider to help stabilize the electrical grid during times of emergency or shortage. With the new communication network, which is built into electrical meters, ratepayers can communicate with their meters very nearly in real-time to control their usage and reduce their bills. They also will be able to get an accurate indication of their upcoming bill, allowing them to conserve energy – and save money – before they’ve already used it. We’re now getting the advanced technology that we have had in our cell phones for years in our electrical equipment.

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