Industry Event: 35th PLMA Conference

Join SGCC’s President & CEO Patty Durand at the 35th PLMA Conference in Nashville, April 3-5, 2017. Gain real-world insight from about 200 market practitioners, technology firms and energy utilities active in the demand response, peak load and distributed energy resource marketplace. Engage in pre-conference Interest Group Activities on April 3 with focused roundtable discussions and candid information sharing. Topics will include:

  • Grid-Interactive Behind the Meter Storage
  • Distributed Energy Resource Integration
  • Thermostats
  • Retail Pricing
  • Customer Engagement
  • Women in Demand Management

Learn more about PLMA Interest Groups.

Attend the 35th PLMA Conference April 3-5, to learn best practices (and worst practices!), share programs that work and get tips on what you can take home now to improve your program, and meet others learning, growing and changing the face of energy industry. Topics will include:

  • Insight from Leading-Edge Demand Response Research
  • Cost and Value Analysis of Distribution System Modernization
  • Non-Wires Alternatives
  • Combined Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Programs
  • Load Harvesting
  • Residential Demand Response Customer Behavior
  • Small-Medium Business Integration
  • Grid-Enabled Water Heating Programs and Field Test Results
  • Goal-oriented Demand Response
  • Demand Response Options When Large Commercial is Tapped Out

The Agenda with topics and speakers is now online.

Stay for the post-conference, utility-only event with the Utility Load Management Exchange (ULME) Spring Meeting. ULME’s mission is to promote load control as a viable option for utility deployments in demand reduction, economic dispatch and/or T&D reliability through a forum for utility staff members to share information on program design, marketing, vendor management, benefit-costs and technology deployments.

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