Mar. 9: California Utilities Offer $10K Rebate on New EV


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Greentech Media | Meet Inspire: A Shell-Backed Company with a Unique Smart Energy Subscription
There’s been talk for years of an Amazon, Apple or Google emerging in the American energy industry — a company that offers consumers a seamless solution for their energy needs, combined with choice, control and access to their own energy-generating potential. But that concept has yet to become a reality.

Utility Dive | Time Travel, Utility-Style: Outlines of the Utility of the Future Appear
The delivery of electricity from central power plants to customers changed the world and now the world is changing again because customers can make and manage their own electricity with distributed energy resources. Flattened or falling electricity sales, partly due to DER, initially inspired visions of a “death spiral” for the utility businesses that deliver power.

Greentech Media | U.S. Energy Storage Market Tops the 1 GWh Milestone in 2017
The U.S. energy storage market is no longer in its infancy. 100 megawatt-hours of grid-connected energy storage were deployed in the fourth quarter of the year, marking 1,080 cumulative megawatt-hours deployed between 2013 and 2017. Even more impressive, GTM Research expects that the U.S. market will almost double this total in 2018 alone.

Electric Light & Power | California Hits Solar Power Record: Meets Nearly Half Demand
The portion of solar energy used on the California grid hit a record Sunday by supplying nearly half of demand, according to the California ISO. California ISO reported on its Twitter feed that the all-time peak percentage of demand served by solar hit 49.95 percent at 12:58 p.m. that day. The previous record was 47.2 percent on May 14, 2017.

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Utility Dive | California Utilities Offer $10K Rebate on New BMW Electric Vehicle
Customers of PG&E or SCE shopping for a new vehicle could save more than $20,000 off the cost of a new 2017 or 2018 BMW i3 or i3s electric vehicle, when a hefty discount associated with the utility is combined with other state and federal incentives. PG&E announced this month that customers could use a $10,000 discount on the electric BMWs through May 31, in addition to two years of free charging at some locations. SoCal Edison announced much the same discount in February.

Utility Dive | GE Aims to Enhance Solar, Wind Power Performance with New Storage Platform
GE has launched an energy storage platform and says its first order, for a 20 MW, 80 MWh project, will be deployed late next year. GE’s Reservoir storage platform is based on a 1.2 MW, 4 MWh modular unit the size of a shipping container. By using its proprietary Battery Blade design, GE says its Reservoir platform can deliver a 15 percent improvement in battery lifecycle, five percent higher efficiency and reduced installation time and costs.

Public Power Daily | Illinois Clears Path for One of the First U.S. Microgrid Clusters
The Illinois Commerce Commission on Feb. 28 approved ComEd’s request to construct a full-sized, utility-scale microgrid in Bronzeville, a community located on Chicago’s South Side. As proposed, the Bronzeville Community Microgrid will interconnect with an existing, fully functional microgrid at neighboring Illinois Institute of Technology, creating one of the first microgrid clusters in the U.S.

Greentech Media | Utilities Can Learn from Amazon’s Obsession with Customer Experience [Podcast]
Amazon’s analytical approach to understanding the customer allowed it to move beyond books and dominate the retail space. Entire industries are getting upended and transformed as a result. This story about disruption is a familiar one. We’ve seen how it plays time and time again — and it’s not pretty for the incumbents who fail to catch up with technology.

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