Member Spotlight: Aclara

About Aclara
As an end-to-end, smart infrastructure solutions (SIS) partner working with more than 800 gas, water and electric utilities worldwide, Aclara, now part of the Hubbell Power Systems family of brands, has coupled innovative technology with data-driven solutions to predict, plan and respond to system conditions across distribution networks for all utility types. Aclara’s next-generation software serves as the foundation that will enable delivery of whole-utility solutions to its customers.

Empower Your Community – Increased Visibility to Better Manage Resource Consumption
Fueled by commitment, innovation, people and vision, Aclara designs data-driven solutions that propel utilities to success. One of those solutions, the Aclara Adaptive Consumer Engagement (Aclara ACE®) platform, combines powerful data collection, analytics and customer energy-use dashboards to provide utilities and customers visibility to better manage resource consumption. From enrollment, billing and customer service to energy awareness and conservation campaigns, Aclara ACE helps utilities exceed program goals, meet customer needs and maximize program impact – all via multi-channel delivery to customers’ email, messaging and mobile devices.

The Aclara ACE platform builds upon our 20+ years of experience as a consumer engagement (CE) leader delivering reliable CE software solutions to IOUs, municipals and rural electric co-ops throughout North America. The software incorporates the wealth of feedback Aclara has received from clients, resulting in a platform that will adapt to meet each customer’s individual requirements.

Aclara recognizes that to appropriately serve its customers, it is critical for utilities to have a platform that is highly secure, offers scalable infrastructure and is flexible enough to accommodate to the variabilities and needs of the industry. No utility is the same, even if their goals for energy efficiency and program participation are similar, and as such, the Aclara ACE platform is specifically designed to adapt to the individual strategies and execution plans required to achieve those objectives. Read more.

Personalized Insights – Aclara Adaptable Consumer Engagement Platform
The Aclara ACE platform makes it simple to match the messaging, tone and content of utilities’ communications materials, provides 100-percent mobile-responsive design and offers flexibility in integration via raw APIs. By making it simple to manage content, Aclara has enabled each of its utility partners to craft the messaging they want to deliver their customers.

This flexibility in integration options allows Aclara to work with utilities of all sizes, available resources and digital strategies. Utilities can choose to customize their end-to-end customer journeys by integrating functions via raw APIs. Or, they can use out-of-the box features and turnkey implementation to simplify the crafting of their customer experiences.

Aclara ACE at a Glance
By leveraging the flexibility and adaptability of the ACE platform, Aclara has crafted solutions to:

  • Deliver Energy-Efficiency Savings – Third parties have verified energy-efficiency savings produced by Aclara programs using bill-to-date notices, bill projection e-mails or texts, and home energy reports (HERs). Aclara also offers features that encourage energy efficiency such as its My Savings Module, which features a home or business energy profile, a library of Ways to Save and methods for customers to set savings goals and plans to achieve them. Learn more about how to benefit from consumer engagement today.
  • Provide A Boost in Program Adoption – Aclara HERs, outbound e-mail/text notifications and effective, targeted online promotion online has increased third-party verified program adoption.
  • Reduce Call Center Costs – Aclara’s easy-to-use CSR tools are designed, through collaboration with its utility partners, to reduce overall training costs and streamline adaption of utility call-center workflows.
  • Complement Existing Programs – The Aclara ACE solution is configurable to suit the varying needs of partners. For example, one client implemented a shorter energy profile to encourage completion rates, reduce the time-to-value for customers and collect the information needed to produce the personalized energy-efficiency kits it mails customers.
  • Report to ENERGY STAR – The Aclara ACE platform’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager automatically reports data to ENERGY STAR for commercial customers that are mandated by government to do so.
  • Encourage Small and Medium Business Engagement – The Aclara ACE platform specifically benefits small and medium businesses with a suite of tools including the My Savings Module, which offers a library of energy savings recommendations specific to commercial clients.

Partnerships that Last
Aclara’s team is focused on building long-standing relationships with its clients by developing solutions that are forward-looking to meet future market needs. It collects the data it employs in its products not only from best-in-class research organizations but through close collaboration with its most valuable resource, its utility partners.

Contact Aclara today to get in touch with someone who can provide you with a more detailed overview about the Aclara ACE platform and its various applications.

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