Member Spotlight: TREIA


What is TREIA?

Founded almost 35 years ago, the Texas Renewable Energy Industries Alliance (TREIA) is a network of project developers, corporations, financial institution end-users, utilities, manufacturers, service providers, academics and government leaders working to scale renewable energy, grow the local economy and create jobs. These industry stakeholders are involved in solar, wind, biomass, biofuel, energy efficiency, geothermal, hydro, ocean and energy storage. TREIA's mission is to modernize the power grid to advance renewable energy integration through industry collaboration and strategic alliances. The organization’s vision is to achieve 50 percent renewable energy in Texas by 2030.

Texas Energy Market Ripe for Renewables

Texas represents a huge energy market and opportunity for those seeking to enter or expand business in the Texas renewable energy industry. According to the Energy Information Administration, Texas is responsible for 10 percent of our nation’s electricity consumption, making it the greatest electricity consuming state in the U.S. In addition, Texas has the fastest-growing population among the five most populous states. The combination of these factors amounts to 450,000 new consumers or 6,800 additional GWh each year. Today, the Lone Star State has become first in the nation (and sixth in the world) in renewable energy production.

There are other elements that make Texas a prime site for renewable energy innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition to multiple sources of renewable energy resources, the Texas electricity grid, ERCOT, is the only self-contained electric power grid in the U.S. that serves a single state. This allows Texas energy companies to generate, transmit and distribute power to different areas of the state without having to negotiate terms with national electrical grid producers.

The GridNEXT Initiative

When the development of wind and solar technologies reached a tipping point and ignited the deployment of new technological mechanisms on the power grid, this marked the start of the biggest transformation in the history of the electric industry.

As a result, TREIA founded the first annual GridNEXT Conference in 2015 to bring together industry leaders so they could network and learn about the latest technologies affecting the Texas electric power grid. From the battery storage and distributed solar to the rise of electric vehicles and increased cybersecurity concerns – GridNEXT is the place to come learn, connect and innovate about the latest energy trends and developments.

TREIA leadership has identified three primary focus areas that are key in unlocking the grid of the future. Knowledge creation around these core thrusts will lead to action that can truly move the needle for our renewable energy industry. GridNEXT aims at solving the regulatory, technical, business, finance and policy challenges facing holistic grid integration.

Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) – Tackling the technical challenges of grid integration. There is a significant movement to embed energy resources on the distribution system in ways our utility infrastructure has never seen before. The driving forces for this change cut across our entire industry and include economics, technology and renewable energy.

Business Model Innovation – Solving the organizational challenges within a changing marketplace. The energy industry is rapidly changing, and many legacy organizations are looking for new strategies and business models to remain relevant, be profitable and grow.

Energy of Things (EoT) – Addressing the communication challenges of a multi-directional grid. The EoT is the network of physical objects or "things" across the energy continuum from plug loads on the demand side to large power producers on the supply side and everything in between.

TREIA provides a platform for a variety of diverse clean energy industry members to connect through quality conferences, cutting-edge webinars, informative luncheon presentations, in-person events and timely alerts.

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