New Research: Consumer Pulse Wave 3

According to SGCC’s new telephone survey of 1,089 U.S. electricity consumers nationwide, consumers are interested in various smart grid-enabled pricing programs and services and are increasingly likely to use social media to access energy information. The Consumer Pulse Survey Wave 3, undertaken from August 17 to September 5, 2012 by Market Strategies International, determined respondents’ impressions of smart grid and smart meters, likelihood to participate in related energy programs, and their social media behaviors. The report notes that consumer awareness of smart grid has remained relatively consistent over the last year, with 54% of Wave 3 respondents never having heard the term “smart grid.”

“There continues to be a real need for consumer education around smart grid,” said Patty Durand, SGCC Executive Director. “The current low levels of public awareness on this issue represent both a challenge and an opportunity, but they must be acted upon.”

A summary findings report for the Consumer Pulse Survey Wave 3 is available for download on SGCC’s website; the full report is available to SGCC members.

SGCC hosted a Research Brief for the public of the Wave 3 research hosted by Patty Durand and Jack Lloyd on November 8.

Watch the webinar recording > >

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