Research Release: SECC’s Spotlight on Millennials


The “Spotlight on Millennials” report is an in-depth, research-based analysis that provides guidance to energy industry stakeholders on who millennials are, what they think of their electricity providers, what their attitudes on key energy topics are and how they engage with their electricity providers.

The “Spotlight on Millennials” report utilized three data sets from SECC’s 2016 research reports – “The Empowered Consumer”, “Consumer Driven Technologies” and “Customer Experience & Expectations”. This approach provided an opportunity to explore a broader range of topics than feasible with one survey and enabled a search for consistent patterns across the data sets.

The report found that millennials, defined as anyone born between 1982 and 1999, are much more likely to belong to SECC’s Green Champions segment, a tech-savvy group of consumers that place a higher value on the environmental benefits of new energy technology. Millennials have grown up with an understanding of climate change as an issue of their era and sustainability as a value they embrace.

The “Spotlight on Millennials” report also found that millennials are more open to participating in new energy programs and services. For 17 of the 18 energy-related programs explored, including solar, electric vehicles and time-varying rate plans, millennials were much more likely to express interest.

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