SGCC’s 2011 State of the Consumer Report

Download a free copy of the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative's 2011 State of the Consumer Report, a detailed 38-page report that covers all facets of consumers and the smart grid, including their knowledge of the technology and the best opportunities to engage them.

The report examines consumers’ attitudes toward their electrical needs and smart grid initiatives and suggests an industry on the cusp of transformation. The report builds on a series of focus groups sponsored by the SGCC in October 2010 and is a comprehensive meta-analysis of more than 80 source documents, representing over 25,000 pages.

"This research will be very helpful to the Department as we begin to develop our smart grid, consumer outreach and education strategy," said Eric Lightner, director of the Federal Smart Grid Task Force for the U.S. Department of Energy. "It not only offers valuable insight on how to effectively educate consumers, but it also identifies some specific education needs within the smart grid space. The report will certainly be a good source of ideas as we compile outreach and education opportunities from our discussions with multiple stakeholders over the next few months."

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