Separating the Facts from the Fiction

Let’s face it: advanced electric meters, or “smart meters,” have a reputation problem. Consumer concerns about health and privacy have given these devices a bad rap.

A video and fact sheet provided by the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) set out to separate the facts from the fiction about smart meters and provide consumers with reliable information about the technology that refutes the most commonly circulated myths. For example:

  • Radio frequency exposure: It would take 375 years of direct contact with a smart meter to equal the same amount of radio frequency exposure from a daily, 15-minute cell phone call over the course of one year.
  • Privacy infringement: Smart meters only know how much power is being used – not specifically how it’s being used – and utilities will continue to keep that data private as they’ve done for decades.
  • Economic benefits: Smart meters could reduce the cost of power interruptions by more than 75 percent, saving the American economy more than $150 billion a year.

“We’re setting the record straight about smart meters to help consumers lay their apprehension to rest and enjoy the many benefits of the technology,” said Patty Durand, SGCC Executive Director.

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  1. Posted August 27, 2012 at 6:48 am | Permalink

    At Vermont Electric Cooperative, we have been running an Outage Management System integrated with our two-way meters since February, 2008. We managed to cut our outages in 1/2 over a three-year period and during major storms we are able to restore power twice as fast. The smart (two-way) meter is the foundation for such improvements. Our system paid for itself in less than 5 years and we did not have any financial help, nor did we have to raise rates to put in the system.

    We would be happy to provide additional details and information for anyone interested ,

    David Hallquist
    CEO, Vermont Electric Cooperative

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