SECC’s Resources

SECC produces educational resources to improve consumer and stakeholder awareness and understanding of modernized electrical systems. A variety of grid modernization resources are available to the public as videos, infographics, websites, fact sheets and toolkits.

Fact Sheets & Videos:

factsheettoolkitpic345 Consumer Information Kit for the Smart Grid
A package of 9 consumer-facing fact sheets to address consumer concerns with hot topics in smart grid including consumer benefits, power quality, outage restoration, data privacy, debunking myths, pricing plans, distributed generation, smart cities and health concerns.
The Evolving World of Energy
A package of 3 consumer-facing fact sheets covering “The Evolving World of Energy”, which aim to educate consumers on innovations – both near-term and forward-looking – on how we get, use and pay for energy.

Consumer Educational Website:

consumersite - sgccpic What Is Smart Grid?
A consumer-facing, educational website with a user-friendly layout and graphically colorful theme to facilitate consumer understanding and support for smart grid offerings.

Consumer Oriented Videos:

tnvsmindustry The Next Innovation
A video by SECC to educate and excite consumers about the benefits of modern day advancements being made to the electric grid that puts into perspective what a monumental time this is in the history of human innovation by displaying a timeline of the inventions that led up to it.
Separating Facts from Fiction467 Separating the Facts from the Fiction
A video by SECC that reveals the truth about advanced electrical meters, or "smart meters," dispelling misinformed claims which allege that that these devices infringe on personal privacy, are harmful to human health.

Consumer Value Proposition:

Smart Grid CVP Communications Toolkit
A research-based resource with actionable takeaways and a cache of ready-to-use communications tools, including short- and long-form messaging, banner images and an infographic.
CVP Video screenshot Consumer Value Proposition Video
A summary of benefits that consumers will receive with the smart grid and how we can best communicate them. Answers the questions that consumers should rightfully ask including "What's in it for me?" and "What's in it for 'us'?"

Educational Infographics:

Internet of Things: Connecting You With the World of Power
It's projected there will be 34 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020, up from 10 billion in 2015. And a new concept called Internet of Things, built on cloud computing and networks of data-gathering sensors, utilizes these devices. We've put together an infographic that makes this concept easier for consumers to understand.
Smart-Grid-Where-Power-is-Going12 Smart Grid: Where Power is Going
An infographic that aims to highlight energy and monetary savings and what they actually mean to consumers. It answers the question on how the smart grid can increase the U.S. grid's efficiency by 9% and what does that 9% really amount to?

Educational White Paper:

Maximizing Consumer Benefits
Member-exclusive “Maximizing Consumer Benefits” white paper that capitalizes on the six key takeaways from the “2018 State of the Consumer” report by illustrating impactful, real-world examples of who is getting customer engagement right.

Industry Educational Fact Sheet:

Top 5 Social Media Takeaways
During SECC's 2013 Consumer Symposium, David Lawrence, San Diego Gas & Electric's Social Media Manager, discussed what works and what doesn't in engaging consumers through digital channels, offering the top 5 best practices and helpful guidelines.