SECC’s Distributed Generation and Net Metering Fact Sheet


Download a free copy of the Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative’s Distributed Generation & New Metering Fact Sheet, An Electrifying Investment: What Distributed Generation and Net Metering Mean for You. The fact sheet is designed to educate consumers about the benefits of next-generation smart grid technologies. Providing answers to many common questions, it simplifies the principles of net metering and distributed generation and equips consumers with key questions they should ask when considering a home energy system, such as rooftop solar panels.

In its simplest form; distributed generation is the act of producing electricity at or near its point of use (e.g. rooftop solar), while net metering refers to the manner in which a utility provider calculates the quantity and value of that electricity before it enters the electrical grid. As Americans today use more electronic devices than ever before, it is necessary that the gird be able to quickly respond to changes in demand. Made possible by advancements in smart grid technologies, many utilities now have the ability to reliably and efficiently accommodate a greater number of distributed energy system, giving customers better choices when it comes to their energy needs.

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