Smart Grid Above the Fold: 9/8/17


Top consumer smart grid news hand-selected and brought to you by the Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative.

Yale Environment 360 | Utilities Grapple with Rooftop Solar and the New Energy Landscape
In the prevailing narrative of the rooftop solar industry, the dominant theme is combat. The good guys are the innovative, climate-positive, customer-pleasing solar companies, which must be nimble to avoid being crushed by the plodding, influence-buying, fossil fuel-spewing dinosaurs of the electricity industry, the utilities.

Utility Dive | In Search of the Perfect Rate: Portland General Tests 12 Pilots on DR Rate Design
From behavioral demand response to dynamic pricing, there are a lot of rate structures and programs utilities can adopt to send signals to customers to reduce their power usage. The key to success is in finding the right one. Many utilities are experimenting with time-of-use rates, and some have gone further.

Greentech Media | A Record-Breaking Quarter for America’s Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage Market
In the second quarter of 2017, 443 residential and commercial energy systems were deployed across the United States, representing 32 megawatt-hours of capacity. According to GTM Research and the Energy Storage Association’s U.S. Energy Storage Monitor, this is the most grid-interactive behind-the-meter energy storage ever deployed in a single quarter.

Utility Dive | HECO Files Final $205M Grid Modernization Plan
HECO has filed a final Grid Modernization Strategy with state regulators, laying out its plan to build a more resilient grid while meeting the state's 100 percent renewables by 2045 mandate. HECO estimates it will cost $205 million to update the energy networks of Hawaiian Electric, Maui Electric and Hawaii Electric Light over the next six years.

SECC Member News
CleanTechnica | Millennials Keen on Smart Energy Technologies & Clean Energy
Millennials (Generation Y) are becoming the largest consumer demographic on the market, overtaking baby boomers. This shift is also helping to redefine customer relationships between clients and utilities, according to a recent report. The report, from SGCC, confirms this shift we are starting to see.

Utility Dive | Arizona Public Service Goes Beyond LEDs with New Efficiency Proposals
APS has proposed a slate of new energy programs and rates that will help customers conserve energy and control their usage, including energy storage, demand response and load management programs. The proposals include incentives for smart thermostats, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, electric school buses and charging infrastructure, energy storage and water heater timers.

Midwest Energy News | How an Illinois Utility Used Wind, Solar and Storage to Power a Microgrid for 24 Hours
Ameren has taken a critical step closer toward a distributed, decentralized power grid. In partnership with S&C Electric, they successfully completed a 24-hour “islanding” test earlier this month at the utility’s newly built microgrid in Champaign, Illinois, using wind, solar and battery storage.

Utility Dive | AEP Ohio Proposes $10 Million Electric Vehicle Program
AEP Ohio has reached an agreement with EVCA and several other parties, setting forth a plan to spend almost $10 million on rebates for charging infrastructure in the utility's Ohio service territory. The plan calls for 300 level 2 charging stations and 75 direct current fast chargers — more than doubling the 280 public charging stations in Ohio today.

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