The top 10 things consumers want most from the smart grid

What do residential electricity customers want from a smarter grid? A new video developed from SGCC’s recent Consumer Voices interviews features real people from around the country explaining in their own words benefits they expect a modernized grid to deliver, from energy usage data to cost savings and much more.

To learn more about what consumers had to say about the smart grid, click here to download the Consumer Voices 2012 topline report.


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    The recent June 29 ‘derecho’ storm in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states was a major missed opportunity for smart meters. So will the next major storm be until all the regions’ utilities get them working and their customers understand how they work. Some customers with digital meters there have been asking how did it help reduce their time without power?

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    Jim, thank you for your comment. Smart grid technology, of which smart meters are a part, has proven it can help utilities prevent blackouts and restore power faster if they do occur.
    There are lessons to be learned from the catastrophic storm that swept across six states in the upper Midwest and Mid-Atlantic U.S. on June 29 , which are being incorporated to improve operational and service efficiencies during emergency/storm response. Given that many components of our electricity grid are decades old and wearing out, replacing them with smarter technology will help ensure and improve the consistent power delivery we depend on.

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    Hi Martina,

    Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, we cannot advocate for a specific brand of technology. We are excited about the benefits that smart meters present including the ability to overhaul aging equipment that will equip the grid to meet increasing demand and decreases brownouts, blackouts, and surges. That will also lead to lowering energy costs and giving consumers control over your power bill. The smarter grid and smart meters will also facilitate real-time troubleshooting, reduce expenses to energy producers, facilitate broad-scale electric vehicle charging, make renewable power feasible, and maintain our global competitiveness.

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