2019 Best Practices Awards

The Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative’s Best Practices Awards recognize leadership from energy providers (including IOUs, public power utilities and retail electricity providers) in the shift toward a more consumer-focused energy ecosystem. They focus on real-life examples of customer engagement and education success and provides a blueprint for other electricity providers (and their industry partners) to follow.

By focusing on applicable insights, thought leadership and product innovation, it is our hope that these awards spark real and considerable change within the utility industry. An advisory panel of 13 industry experts from a wide range of non-utility industry stakeholders will be selecting the winners.

The Best Practices Awards will recognize five electricity providers (of all types, including energy retailers) across five distinct categories:

  • Consumer Education: Best in education or communication to consumers around smart energy technologies or programs.
  • Consumer Engagement: Exemplary level of participation in technology adoption, utilization (e.g., demand response) or a program related to energy engagement.
  • Culture Transformation: Evidence of significant shift toward increased customer centricity in an energy-related organization.
  • Smart Energy Innovation: Introduced a new consumer energy technology, application or technique related to energy engagement or distributed generation.
  • Underserved Markets: Consumer engagement product or program that has successfully penetrated an underserved market segment.

We invite you to submit a nomination for our 2018 Best Practices awards set to be presented at our 2019 Consumer Symposium: Exploring the Evolving World of Energy on Monday, February 4, 2019.