Why Join?

The smart grid roll-out depends upon the full engagement of the people at the end of the electrical delivery chain. Their wants, their needs and their understanding of how they stand to benefit drive our industry’s success.

SECC convenes commercial, utility and advocacy organizations to listen to consumers through primary research, collaborate via the sharing of best practices in consumer engagement, and educate end-users about the many ways in which a modernized grid will improve their lives. SECC and its members bring the most important element of the smart grid — consumers — into clear focus. Take a look at past achievements and future initiatives by clicking here.

Membership Benefits:

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of consumers. Get exclusive access to independent shared-cost consumer research on topics that you help select. Enjoy in-depth briefings from the market research consultants who design and manage our national studies.
  • Unlock a library of best practices. Have the key to an archive of case studies and lessons learned that will guide you around the pitfalls and clue you in to what is proven to work best in the consumer smart grid space.
  • Promote your work. Bring attention to your efforts in smart grid through our online platforms and conference speaking opportunities.
  • Collaborate with other energy leaders. Sit at the table with utilities, technology vendors, and consumer advocacy groups, making new connections and trading insights with stakeholders navigating similar operating environments.

We invite you to join us. Please contact us at membership@smartenergycc.org or submit your information on our Get in Touch page.