President’s Posts

SECC’s President & CEO Nathan Shannon shares monthly insights on the relationship between energy consumers and smart energy technology.

Reaching “Selectively Engaged” Energy Consumers

In recent years, energy providers have made considerable advancements in becoming more customer-centric in their products, operations and strategies.

Rate Design for Consumer Empowerment

The U.S. electricity system is undergoing major changes today, including the expansion of distributed energy resources, the deployment of ...

Where Do SMBs Fit Into the Smart Energy Future?

How do small and medium-sized business customers feel about in energy efficiency, renewable energy and smart energy programs and technologies?

Are the Benefits of DERs Reaching Low-Income Communities?

Lower-income consumers are an important group of customers for every electric utility; however, there are challenges that make this group hard to reach.

Do Consumers Really Want Digital Utility Services?

What was once a commodity-based industry is transitioning into a consumer-focused, transactional industry where consumers expect more than just the delivery of energy.