SECC strives to grow consumer awareness about grid modernization and its associated consumer benefits. SECC resources help to improve consumer understanding about grid modernization and increase the adoption of a reliable, efficient and secure smart grid.

SECC Resources
SECC educational resources produced to improve consumer and stakeholder awareness and understanding of modernized electrical systems.

Consumer Information Kit
A package of consumer-facing fact sheets and videos to address consumer concerns with hot topics in smart grid.

Consumer Standards
A guidebook on smart grid consumer standards covering consumer information standards, demand response standards, solar and other distributed energy resources, electric vehicles and further information.

Customer Engagement Success Stories
A package of utility case studies that spotlight how smart meter and smart grid deployments have engaged consumers to enable them to match the energy they use with their needs and lifestyles. The engagement strategies and tactics employed by the utilities have led to behavioral change as customers have actually reduced their electricity bills.

The Evolving World of Energy Fact Sheets
A package of consumer-facing fact sheets that aim to educate consumers on innovations – both near-term and forward-looking – on how we get, use and pay for energy.

Maximizing Consumer Benefits White Paper
Member-exclusive “Maximizing Consumer Benefits” white paper that capitalizes on the six key takeaways from the “2018 State of the Consumer” report by illustrating impactful, real-world examples of who is getting customer engagement right.

President & CEO's Blog
SECC’s President & CEO Patty Durand shares smart grid industry insights on her monthly Smart Consumer Connections blog.

Smart Grid CVP Communications Toolkit
A research-based resource with actionable takeaways and a cache of ready-to-use communications tools, including short- and long-form messaging, banner images and an infographic.

What Is Smart Grid?
A consumer-facing, educational website with a user-friendly layout and graphically colorful theme to facilitate consumer understanding and support for smart grid offerings.