Upcoming Webinar: A Roadmap for a Clean, Modern Electric Grid


In 2017, the United States endured a series of record-breaking, extreme weather events. Communities across the West, South and the Caribbean are now rebuilding and asking, “How can we better prepare our energy system to stand stronger in the face of these disasters?”

Grid modernization is essential to ensuring the energy systems that power our lives and underpin our economy are protected from future disruptive events. But beyond simply keeping the lights on, modernizing our electric grid also creates a platform to make meaningful progress on mitigating the future impacts of climate change.

In this upcoming Peer Connect Webinar on Aug. 22, we will discuss the main findings of EDF’s recent report, “Grid Modernization: The foundation for climate change progress”, which highlights six ways a modern grid that relies on cleaner energy and harnesses new technologies can cut pollution, save customers money and boost our economy.

During the one-hour presentation, expert speakers from the GridWise Alliance and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) will address renewable energy optimization, the electrification of transportation systems, efficient transmission and distribution management, access to actionable energy data and much more.

Featured speakers:

  • Ronny Sandoval, Director, Grid Modernization, EDF
  • Steve Hauser, Chief Executive Officer, GridWise Alliance

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