Member Spotlight: Smart Energy Water

About Smart Energy Water
Smart Energy Water (SEW) is the leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for Customer Engagement, Mobile Workforce and Big Data Analytics for the energy and utility sector. Energy and water utilities improve their customer service and operational efficiency and maximize revenue realization through SEW platforms that leverage mobile and cloud technologies.

Fostering Sustainability with Technology
SEW is passionate about the energy and water challenges that our societies face today. The company creates products designed to increase conservation efforts, enable better resource management and make utility operations more efficient. Their focus is on delivering technology that reduces the environmental impact of modern lifestyles. SEW believes that addressing energy efficiency and water conservation challenges and empowering customers to make informed energy and water choices are important, and SEW pledges to foster global sustainability by identifying and influencing customer behavior through innovative customer engagement strategies.

With the ever-increasing world population, there has been increased pressure on utilities to bridge the demand-supply deficit. Globally, the focus on climate change and sustainability issues has been on the rise; governments are coming up with regulations for utilities to adhere to energy efficiency and water conservation mandates. Utilities cannot comply with these mandates without collaborative efforts from their end-consumers. Also, the expectations that today’s tech-savvy customers have for their utilities have expanded significantly. The global utility industry has been a slow adopter of technological advancements such as cloud, mobile, Big Data and analytics, machine learning, etc. This requires the utilities to adapt to technologies to stay ahead of competition.

The #1 Energy & Water Analytics Platform
SEW platforms help utilities in their digital transformation using technologies such as cloud, mobile, Big Data and analytics, principles of gamification, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. The company provides rapid deployment solutions for multi-channel customer engagement, demand-side management programs, mobile workforce solutions and Big Data analytics insights.

SEW continues to lead the industry with innovative cloud solutions that are easy to integrate, plug-and-play and help clients cut operational and IT costs. Through best-in-class, intuitive, future-proof and user-friendly platforms, they have helped utilities establish real-time, two-way communication with their customers.

In today’s social and digitally connected world, customers’ expectations from their utility service providers have gone way beyond just bill payments. They expect utilities to provide personalized, value-added services and continuously strive to improve their customer service levels. This further increases the pressure on utilities to improve their level of customer services to acquire and retain customers amid the increasing competition.

Developing Solutions for Today’s Customers and Workforces
Addressing this challenge of digital customer engagement, Smart Energy Water has developed Smart Customer Mobile (SCM®), which is a single, integrated platform that enables utility companies to set up real-time, two-way communication with their customers. It is a portal and mobile-based platform that offers access anytime, anywhere from any device including tablets, smartphones and desktop computers. SCM increases customer satisfaction and utility profitability, offering convenience and control with cutting-edge analytics and user-friendly modules to simplify processes and drive efficiency.

Other major challenges plaguing the North American utility industry are an ageing workforce, skill availability and the need to increase operational efficiency and field work effectiveness. SEW’s mobile workforce platform Smart Mobile Workforce (SMW®) helps utilities improve the productivity and efficiency of utility employees by providing them job, safety and asset-related information in real-time on any device, such as laptops, tablets and iPhones. The platform also allows the workforce to view, search and report missing assets and schedule regular inspections anytime; it allows enterprise social networking and collaboration between workers and groups by allowing employees to find people and connect with them instantly, irrespective of departments and geographic location. It also provides real-time access to training and safety manuals.

The focus of SEW’s solutions is on exploring new disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, home automation, Big Data and analytics. The company provides utilities with platforms that provide them with real-time data analysis on peak load management, customer segmentation, performance evaluation and energy efficiency, and better implementation of DR programs and, at the same time, allow utilities to educate and motivate customers to take part in water and energy conservation programs.

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