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A Roadmap to Ensure that AMI Evolves to its Full Potential

EPRI, utilities and stakeholder groups are engaged in a continuing process to ensure that maximum value will be derived from Advanced Metering Infrastructure, through a commitment to standardization, interoperability and best practices.

Published: March 16, 2017
Categories: Best Practices, Smart Grid Information, Smart Grid Meters, and Technology.
Tags: AMI, electric power infrastructure, smart grid, and smart meters.
Author: EPRI.
Resource Type: White papers.

How to Leverage Usage Data to Benefit All Webinar

Courtney Erickson, Principal Regulatory Specialist at ComEd; Lawrence Kotewa, Chief Engineer at Elevate Energy; and Clare Butterfield, Program Director at ISEIF, presented and discussed ComEd’s new anonymous data product offering and what it means for the industry and consumers.

Customer Engagement Success Stories Webinar

Emmanuel Taylor from Energetics, Justin Chamberlain at CPS Energy, and Neil Neroutsos and Julee Cunningham from SnoPUD discussed innovative energy programs they have successfully implemented for consumers and microgrids around the country.

Published: April 26, 2017
Categories: Microgrids and Success Stories.
Author: Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative.

2017 State of the Consumer Report Webinar

A webinar featuring research leaders Bridget Meckley and Gomathi Sadhasivan from DNV GL who explored the six identified key themes in SGCC’s 2017 State of the Consumer Report that highlight the current state of the smart grid consumer.

Published: March 21, 2017
Categories: Consumer Data, Consumer Engagement, Smart Grid Information, and State of Consumers.
Author: Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative.
Resource Type: Webinars.