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Are Small Businesses Interested in Electrifying?

SMBs are often considered the backbone of the American economy – yet, when it comes to energy, they can sometimes get lost in the mix between residential customers who comprise the largest number of customers and larger commercial and industrial customers that generally have dedicated account management teams.

What Are Consumers’ Cost Concerns Around EVs?

This year has witnessed numerous doomsday headlines for the electric vehicle (EV) market as new car sales temporarily leveled off and some stakeholders, such as Hertz, Ford and GM, shifted their near-term strategies around electric transportation. What does SECC’s latest Snapshot Survey have to say about the future of EVs?

Beneficial Electrification League

The Beneficial Electrification League is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 2018 that works to facilitate electrification, when it is beneficial, by promoting understanding among key stakeholders, championing necessary grid infrastructure and developing actionable resources to accelerate implementation.