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Engaging Lower-Income Consumers in Smart Energy

When we talk about smart energy, thoughts often veer toward rooftop solar panels, the latest smart thermostat models, home energy storage or a Tesla Model S electric vehicle – all of which require substantial investments. This has led some...

Three Utility Programs That Are Empowering Consumers

The past decade has seen the proliferation of a number of technologies with the potential to help residential consumers engage in their energy use: smart meters, rooftop solar, electric vehicles, home battery storage, smart thermostats...

Community-Centered Strategies for Engaging Consumers

SECC’s “2020 State of the Consumer” report points to education as a requirement to increase energy engagement and address the needs of today's consumers. Whether it’s research into rate design, distributed...

Austin Energy

As a customer-driven, community-focused utility, Austin Energy serves a population of over one million residents in the greater Austin area with a mission to safely deliver clean, affordable, reliable energy and excellent customer service.