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A Missing Piece: What Smart Grid Means for Current Environmental Discussions Webinar

A discussion featuring Ronny Sandoval, Director of Grid Modernization at EDF, Merrian Borgeson, Senior Scientist with the Energy Program at NRDC, and Cara Lee, Senior Conservation Manager at The Nature Conservancy on how the smart grid relates to reduced emissions […] Read More

Published: August 30, 2016
Categories: Clean Energy and Smart Grid Benefits.
Author: Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative.
Resource Type: Webinars.

Why We Need A Revolution In Energy Storage

If we ever want to get off fossil fuels and start using renewable energy, we’re going to need a revolution in energy storage. That means batteries. Bigger, stronger, and just better, ok? And maybe, just maybe, we’ll finally be able […] Read More

Published: January 5, 2016
Categories: Clean Energy, Consumer Engagement, and Educational Materials.
Author: PBS Digital Studios.
Resource Type: Broadcasts/Videos.

How Wind Turbines Work

An animated guide to the science of wind turbines, impressive machines that now supply 4.5% of the electricity in the U.S. While that may seem small, it’s equivalent to about 15.5 million U.S. homes!

Published: July 30, 2015
Categories: Clean Energy and Technology.
Author: SaveOnEnergy.
Resource Type: Fact Sheets.

The Value of Rooftop Solar Power for Consumers and Society

A review of 11 recent analyses that shows individuals and businesses that decide to “go solar” generally deliver greater benefits to the grid and society than they receive through net metering.

Published: June 1, 2015
Categories: Clean Energy, Consumer Engagement, and Smart Grid Information.
Author: Environment America Research & Policy Center.
Resource Type: Reports.