Member Spotlight: Bidgely

About Bidgely
Bidgely is transforming the way utilities engage their customers. The company works with regulated utilities, energy retailers and distributed energy providers around the world, providing tools that allow utilities to reimagine customer engagement, acquire and retain new users, and delight customers through innovative programs and new services. By leveraging the power of disaggregation and customer-friendly web and mobile applications, Bidgely provides personalized and actionable insights that help customers save energy and enable utilities to achieve customer delight and build enduring customer relationships.

Redefining the Utility-Customer Relationship
Bidgely’s mission is to create unprecedented value for both energy customers and utilities, by developing innovative energy solutions that leverage home energy usage data into actionable insights. This mission is enabled by the Bidgely’s pioneering work in appliance disaggregation, which is the driving force behind the company’s platform of solutions.

While phone bills, credit card bills and most other monthly bills are itemized to help consumers understand where their dollars go, energy bills have historically left the customer in the dark. With Bidgely’s industry-leading disaggregation, utility customers have the opportunity to gain greater insights and understanding into their electricity usage and, as a result, employ more effective strategies to manage their energy consumption and save money.

A Platform Approach
Since its first deployment in 2012, Bidgely has attracted utilities from around the world with its innovative approach to energy demand side management (DSM); as of 2017, the company is providing its platform of solutions to over two dozen utilities in more than 10 countries around the world.

Customer Engagement

Bidgely’s platform uses a combination of personalized features designed to keep the user engaged, including appliance itemization, bill projection, savings recommendations, usage insights, notifications and neighborhood comparisons. With the ability to provide more frequent, relevant and positive interactions than the typical once-per-month bill payment, Bidgely creates measurable increases in utility customer sentiment as well as achieving industry-leading engagement results.

Demand Response

Bidgely’s award-winning behavioral demand response (BDR) solution utilizes multi-channel communications and elements of gamification to achieve over 20 percent load shift with AMI data (as compared to 3-5 percent for traditional BDR solutions).

Energy Efficiency

Bidgely’s appliance-level disaggregation and personalized insights and recommendations gives each customer information and savings opportunities they’ve never experienced to date. By utilizing these disaggregation analytics, combined with targeted marketing and an omni-channel communications approach, Bidgely has achieved proven energy efficiency savings of 2-14 percent.

Home Energy Audits and Surveys

While traditional home energy surveys are static tools that provide generic insights, Bidgely’s audit/survey solution leverages the power of disaggregation to provide personalized insights and recommendations that update dynamically based on actual appliance energy usage in the home. In addition, not only do Bidgely’s disaggregation analytics allow for a shorter survey; creating up-front value for each consumer drives higher survey response rates.

Rate Plan Adoption

Bidgely can leverage its omni-channel communication capabilities, combined with targeted alerts, notifications and energy usage insights, to help utilities educate and inform their consumers about new rate plans, in the process facilitating acceptance and improving customer satisfaction.

Built for the Future
In an environment of ever-increasing personalization, utilities are challenged to improve engagement with their customers, who expect more than generic paper Home Energy Reports or simple neighborhood comparisons. Bidgely’s platform leverages disaggregation to provide dynamic, personalized and targeted energy insights – based on actual energy usage – that engage the energy customer like never before. With an improved understanding of energy consumption and costs, residential utility customers are empowered to better manage their energy usage, reduce their carbon footprint and save money, now and in the future.

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