Member Spotlight: Powerley


Powerley is bridging the smart grid to the smart home. Built in partnership with energy providers, Powerley is the first company to combine real-time energy management with home automation. This combination has elevated the impact of home energy management – pairing unrivaled energy usage insights with the ability to control your energy and your home.

With a constant connection to the home’s electric meter, Powerley offers real-time energy management. Customers can see how much energy their home, and every appliance and device within it, are using every minute of the day. Through gamification, users can also participate in challenges and coaching to drive efficiency higher. Going beyond other home energy management solutions, Powerley not only presents highly accurate usage information, but also empowers the customer with the ability to take action.

Through a complete smart home experience, customers can manage their energy and control their homes using their smartphone, smart watch or voice commands via Amazon Alexa. Powerley also offers the convenience to customers to control their own connected devices, including smart thermostats, light bulbs, switches and sensors.

Working together with leading energy providers, including DTE Energy, AEP Ohio and BC Hydro, Powerley has raised efficiency and customer engagement while accelerating energy-driven innovation in the rapidly evolving connected home space. Powerley continues to deliver positive impacts across these key areas of focus:

Elevating Energy Efficiency
By combining real-time energy management with home automation, Powerley delivers 7 to 10 times greater energy savings as compared to traditional energy efficiency programs.

Achieving Unprecedented Accuracy
Enabling real-time load identification with unprecedented accuracy (99.8 percent) to deliver device and appliance specific coaching, monitoring and control.

Driving Daily Engagement
Forging a new relationship between customers, their energy and their energy provider with users averaging 72 sessions per month.

Delivering Intelligent DR
Going beyond HVAC to extend DR across an array of connected devices while offering real-time consumer event approvals.

Creating Connected Revenues
Offering new connected solutions and services that energy providers can extend to customers within a smart home market which is expected to surpass $350 billion by 2025.

Sample Success Stories

DTE ENERGY – DTE Energy had a vision to cultivate a new, more engaged relationship between the customer and their energy. Today, nearly 200,000 households have downloaded the DTE Insight app – logging over 10 million sessions in three years by enabling consumers to take control of their energy use and live more efficiently.

AEP OHIO – Branded as It’s Your Power, the mobile application is available for AEP Ohio’s 1.5 million residential customers via Google Play and the Apple App Store. Customers with homes that are equipped with smart meters can request an Energy Bridge, enabling real-time engagement in the home’s energy usage.

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